Weatherization for all, not just the experts

by Maddison Shropshire,Addison County Regional Planning Commission

Weatherization and energy efficient appliances are some of the best ways an individual can reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, the costs and complexity of these projects are a big hurdle for many and the many programs available for support only add to the confusion. The key to weatherization is that you don’t need to know every step in the process, just the right person to call for help. Here are two programs (one for low to moderate incomes, and one for all residents) that are designed to walk you through the complex process of weatherization so you don’t have to be an expert to save money and enjoy a more comfortable home. 

Green-Saving Smart

Green-Saving Smart is a new program from the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity that provides financial energy coaching services. These coaches help participants to develop a personalized spending plan, explore savings opportunities, and identify ways to reduce energy usage. They then support you in accessing the resources to achieve these goals with guidance throughout the process. More information about the coaching experience can be found here

Eligibility: This program is designed to serve any household at or below 80% State Median Family Income (MFI) OR or at or below 120% MFI if you identify as belonging to a Black, Indigenous, Person of Color (BIPOC), New American, or single parent head-of-household.

You can connect with this program in one of two ways:

  1. Complete the application online using this link. Your energy coach will contact you directly with next steps. 
  2. Jen Myers is the Finance and Energy Coach for Addison County. She can be reached by phone at (802) 860 – 1417, extension 113 or by email at

Neighborworks HEATSquad

HEAT Squad is part of the non-profit Neighborworks of Western VT and has been operating in Addison Co. for many years. It is well respected for its client services and the connections it has built with other energy efficiency programs and incentives. HEAT Squad will help to plan and coordinate your project providing energy audits, home and energy loans and incentives, and help to identify contractors to complete the work. 

Eligibility: The HEAT Squad is able to serve anyone in the region. 

You can connect with this program by:

  1. Completing the form on their website.
  2. Contact HEAT Squad via phone at 802-438-2303 or email and indicate you are interested in weatherizing your home. 

Don’t know who to contact first? No worries, a quick phone call with either of these programs will tell you who can best serve your family. 

Want to share what you’ve learned with your neighbors? Printable materials for both of these programs are available here (HEAT Squad, GreenSavingSmart). Contact Maddison Shropshire ( at the Addison County Regional Planning Commission for help with outreach materials and municipal project support. 

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