CEAC in 2021 and 2022

CEAC continues to pursue its dual goals of (1) reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Addison County and (2) building our organizational capacity to grow and sustain this important work. 

Our 2021 accomplishments include:

  • Improvements to CEAC’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory.
  • Steady progress on the development of CEAC’s Climate Action Plan, including interviews with over 50 community members and active participation by a core group of volunteers. We currently expect a draft plan In January 2022 and a final plan in March or April.
  • Receipt of a $3,000 grant in October from the Climate Catalysts Innovation Fund of the Vermont Council on Rural Development (VCRD). The funds will support our public engagement and communications activities related to the Climate Action Plan.
  • Continued growth in LiveGreenVt, the online directory of renewable energy and environmentally conscious businesses that is directed and maintained by CEAC and partner Acorn Energy Co-op.
  • Monthly E-Newsletters, with local, State, and international climate and energy news and information.
  • The hosting of two community Climate Roundtables to feature and share the important climate work of many organizations and individuals in Addison County.
  • The addition of Board members Sally Burrell, Diane Munroe, and Middlebury College student Julia Ulsh.

In 2022, CEAC will:

  • Complete a Climate Action Plan (CAP) for Addison County.
  • Focus on climate actions stemming from the CAP.
  • Forge relationships and partnerships with entities that are critical to implementing necessary climate actions.
  • Complete a second Greenhouse Gas Inventory, updating our ground-breaking work from 2020 and measuring progress to date.
  • Continue to increase our staffing and volunteer capacities.
  • Create more public education activities around climate justice.
  • Continue research and education activities aimed at achieving our goals, including work with Middlebury College.
  • Continue and grow ongoing endeavors such as LiveGreenVT and Community Climate Roundtables.