CEAC in 2023

CEAC continues to pursue its dual goals of (1) reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Addison County and (2) building our organizational capacity to grow and sustain this important work. 

In 2023, CEAC will:

  • Organize and support Climate Action Teams (CATs) to make measurable progress in reducing GHGs. The first two CATs will be organized to pursue building electrification initiatives, with one team focused on larger commercial/ institutional buildings and another team on residential buildings.
  • Develop and support a Climate Action Coalition of community partners, both organizations and individuals, who are engaged with climate justice initiatives, climate-friendly activities, sustainable business practices.
  • Forge relationships and partnerships with entities that are critical to implementing necessary climate actions.
  • Work to increase our professional and volunteer capacities.
  • Learn and take steps to address environmental and climate justice issues.
  • Continue research and education activities aimed at achieving our goals.

CEAC’s 2022 accomplishments included:

  • Research and publication in November of an updated and revised Greenhouse Gas Inventory for Addison County, VT.
  • Publication of a Climate Action Plan in June after extensive public engagement during the Plan development and review process.
  • Receipt of a second annual grant in November from the Climate Catalysts Innovation Fund of the Vermont Council on Rural Development (VCRD), this year for $4,000. The funds will activities related to the implementation of climate actions included in the Climate Action Plan.
  • Continued growth in LiveGreenVt, the online directory of renewable energy and environmentally conscious businesses that is directed and maintained by CEAC and partner Acorn Energy Co-op.
  • Monthly E-Newsletters, with local, State, and international climate and energy news and information.
  • The addition of Board members Mike Roy and Jean Terwilliger.