Advance public transportation, facilitate more ridesharing, and make Addison County towns the best possible place for biking and walking


The Middlebury area is well-positioned to develop a transportation system that provides great, affordable, healthy and low-impact options for community members and visitors alike. There is already a leading rural public transit system thanks to ACTR, and great options for biking and walking in and around Middlebury. And yet ownership of multiple personal or family vehicles and single-person trips remain both normal, necessary and a significant financial burden for many people in Addison County. Ridesharing represents an emerging strategy to increase options and reduce vehicles on the road. There are also innovative opportunities to increase transit ridership and to improve options to provide better service to individuals, businesses, and institutions.

A more comprehensive transportation system coupled with parking on the outskirts of town could reduce the need for parking downtown and elsewhere. The Committee has reviewed options for better infrastructure and systems to support biking and walking, and increasing ridesharing options and participation.