Climate Action Planning

During March 2021, CEAC is beginning a concentrated, 10-month process to produce a Climate Action Plan. This process will provide a much-needed blueprint for broad, community-supported reduction of local greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, to be measured against CEAC’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory.

The Climate Action Plan (CAP) will educate decision makers and the public on steps that can realistically be taken locally to reduce climate pollution while moving toward a long-term sustainable local economy. The plan process will identify existing and future business and “green jobs” opportunities. Individuals, businesses, organizations and institutions will have defined roles in a community plan to more effectively reduce GHGs. The CAP will help guide the actions of community sectors including education, agriculture, business, industry, local and state government, and nonprofits, and major institutions such as Middlebury College and Porter Hospital.

CEAC will be assisted in some of this work by a Minnesota-based consultant company called paleBLUEDot, who have already helped about 50 communities develop Climate Action Plans.