Call for Participation: Help Conduct Interviews About Home Heating  

CEAC is helping Middlebury College’s Sustainability Solution Lab on a project  to survey local residents about their thoughts on home heating in order to understand what it takes for households to reduce energy consumption and switch away from fossil fuels.

CEAC is looking for volunteers to spend up to two full Saturdays in September or October carrying out door-to-door survey work in various towns around Addison County.   The topic of the survey is how people heat their homes, how they would like to change the heating, insulation and tightness of their homes, what barriers they perceive to making the improvements they would like to make, and their views on how long it should take to earn back savings from energy investments.  Survey respondents are anonymous.  

The sample for the survey includes 210 single-family homes, and is currently just about half complete.  Each survey takes about a half hour to complete. Surveyors will go in pairs and will typically have groups of seven addresses to go to in close proximity to each other. A team can finish 14 contacts in a day.  Surveyors will need to complete Middlebury College’s on-line human subjects protection training before they go in the field.    Experience so far is that between 60% to 70% of contacted homes agree to an interview.  The main logistical problem the interviewers have had so far is that the people who agree to be interviewed have a lot to say.  To volunteer, please fill in the online form; and/or call Richard Hopkins at  850-544-7614 for more information.


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